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The Illustrated Alice in Wonderland Book

"Alice's Adventures In Wonderland" is a lavishly decorated, hard cover, unabridged book by Lewis Carroll and is whimsically illustrated by Nancy Wiley.  

Every two-page spread includes a spot and/or full page illustration to draw the reader in Wonderland. The page borders have an aged look of an antique book.

The illustrations are actually photographs of  dolls in elaborate Wonderland stage sets in which the painted figures act out the Alice's adventures.  The beautiful scenes incorporate painting, sculpting and storytelling.

This book will transport you back to that dreamy afternoon on the River Thames when Lewis Carroll first captivated Alice with his inventive Wonderland story. Just like Alice, children will love to hear their parents read this classic fiction and will be drawn in by the colorful and charming pictures.

Eighty-eight pages 9 x 11 ½ tall.   Full color.  Over 100 illustrations

Alice in wonderland book
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The Alice Doll"alice in wonderland"

The Alice Doll. 

What a perfect way to journey into Wonderland!  This art doll will be appreciated by lovers of Alice.  This doll is a faithful edition reproduction of Alice phtotographed for the book cover.

Is it a doll or is it art?    Answer: It's an art doll!  

Wiley creates her dolls to be her three-dimensional canvases, painting the faces, bodies and clothing using a classic portrait painting technique. As part of her signature style she blurs the line between art and doll by using burlap for hair, putting a fine lace collar on the painted bodice and dressing Alice in a painted fabric skirt. This companion art doll is made of cast resin. Each figure is individually hand-painted and numbered by the artist.

This edition is a limited to 200. (includeing those sold as part of the set below)



Doll & Book Set

Alice in Wonderland book and doll
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Purchase the Book and Doll as a set.

For a Limited time we will include a set of 6 Wonderland
greeting cards

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The Wonderland  Dolls

Nancy Wiley created these Wonderland dolls to accompany the "Alice in Wonderland" Book:

The Queen of Hearts

The Duchess

The Mad Hatter

The  White Rabbit

The Cheshire Cat

Queen of Hearts
Duchess Mad Hatter White Rabbit
Cheshire Cat
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